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Interviews with Christian authors, Philosophers, Theologians, Apologists, Clergy, Missionaries and others. Focusing on academic enrichment from a Biblical stance, as well as Missions, Military and Fellowship around the Anglican Communion and the Christian Church as a whole.
Terry Glaspey 75 Masterpieces

Michael Porter interviews Terry Glaspey on his new book, "75 Masterpieces Every Christian Should Know: The Fascinating Stories behind Great Works of Art, Literature and Film".


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Ken Wytsma Create Vs Copy

Michael Porter interviews Ken Wytsma on his new book, "Create VS Copy"

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Jonathan Anderson Modern Art

Michael Porter interviews Jonathan Anderson on his new book, " Modern Art and the Life of a Culture, The Religious Impulses of Modernism"

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Michael Austin Christian History Magazine

Michael Porter interviews Michael Austin about Christian History Magazine, which has just published over 118 issues

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Makoto Fujimura Silence and Beauty

Michel Porter interviews Makoto Fujimura on his new Book, "Silence and Beauty, hidden faith born of suffering"

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Ray Johnston Jesus Called

Michael Porter interviews Ray Johnston on his new book, "Jesus Called He Wants His Church Back, What Christians And The American Church Are Missing"

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Philip Nation - Habits for Our Holiness

Michael Porter interviews Philip Nation on his new book, " Habits for Our Holiness, How the Spiritual Disciplines Grow Us up, Draw Us Together, and Send Us Out"

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Michael Porter interviews Steve Addison on his book, "Pioneering Movement, Leadership that Multiplies Disciples and Churches"

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Michael Porter interviews Victor Matthews on his book, "The Cultural World of the Bible, An Illustrated Guide to Manners and Customs" 4th Edition

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Thomas J Oord UnControlling Love

Michael Porter interviews Thomas Oord on his book, "The Uncontrolling Love of God, An Open and Relational Account of Providence"

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